Yonka Paris Quartz Massage Crystal

Yonka Paris Quartz Massage Crystal

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Aventurine is a rare natural stone that is part of the quartz family.

Yonka massage crystal provides you with all the energetic properties of green aventurine

A natural stone that balances yin and yang energies.

5 minutes of daily massage will help your skin appear tones, wrinkles smoothed and dark circles faded.

Its main deposits are in Brazil, the United States, China, India, Russia, Germany, Austria. Some are green, blue, yellow or red.


It’s going to plump, drain, decongest, detoxify, lift and relax

Such a lovely gift idea, it’s relaxing qualities are a tonic at the moment. Keep it at your work desk or use while on the sofa.
Mine is on my desk and it is so refreshing, soothing and helps with the constant use of tech and stresses of the day.

In detail:
The green aventurine, selected by Yon-Ka, is the result of inclusions of fuschite, a chromiferous mica.
The green aventurine through history
Over time, this stone’s use has evolved.
Tibetans used to wear this stone to fight myopia and improve vision.
They felt that this stone made their eyes brighter and deeper.
The Celts considered this stone as the stone of spiritual knowledge.
In ancient China, the aventurine was considered to be an imperial stone which reflects a social status. It was worn as a protective talisman to bring vitality and wellness.
Finally, among the Incas, Aventurine was considered to be a stone of abundance that allowed to attract wealth and gold.
Aventurine, a stone with therapeutic virtues
It helps prevent and cure skin problems such as acne, eczema.

**Improves healing and promotes cell regeneration.

**It helps fight fever, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and relieve liver, eye and heart problems.

**Aventurine, the stone of knowledge and spirituality

**Harmony and serenity stone.

**It brings inner serenity, introspection, self-confidence, therefore decision-making, communication with others and creativity.

**It brings a balance between the Yin and the Yang as well as that of the body and mind.


• DRAINING: it promotes blood and lymphatic circulation.
• SOOTHING: it soothes the eyelids and eyes and
rekindles the eyes – anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles.
• DETOXIFYING: it eliminates toxins through its reflex actions caused by pressures on the energy points.
• SMOOTHING/PLUMPING: it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
• NATURAL LIFT EFFECT: it tones tissues.
• RELAXING: It harmonizes body and mind, thus bringing intense relaxation.

• Draining techniques: pumping and smoothing
• Anti-wrinkle and lifting techniques: small pinches,
twisting and stretching
• Pressures


Prevention and treatment of signs of age for Eyes and/ or Lips.
• Before use, purify « My Yon-Ka massage crystal » by immersing it in salt water for a few minutes, then dry it with a clean cloth.
• To enhance its effectiveness, keep it in the refrigerator or immerse it in fresh water for a few minutes.
• After each use, wash « My Yon-Ka massage crystal » with soapy water, wipe it thoroughly and then disinfect it.
• Once a month, purify it by immersing it in salt water for a few minutes. Dry and recharge it with energy by placing it in the sunlight