Yon-Ka Paris Detox Body gift Set

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Beautiful Yon-Ka Detox Body Gift Set with FREE Bag

Detox Body kit includes: 

Huile Detox 100ml

This light-weight aromatic oil combines the nourishing action of Baobab and Sesame oils to the unique power of mastic tree tear drops.

On the Greek island of Chios, the centennial Pistacia lentiscus mastic trees produce natural resin drops, called "the tears of Chios”. They help promote the quantity of youthfulness proteins in the cells which beautifies your skin and brings it a new glow.

HUILE DÉTOX is the perfect ally of your skin; revived and nourished it looks more radiant.

Gommage Doux Detox 200mlyon

This smoothing cream helps remove the dead cells of the skin thanks to the exfoliating properties of bamboo and apricot kernel powders. Together they help promote soft and clean skin.2 in 1 treatment, this soft scrub combines mango butter, sesame oil and vegetal glycerine, recognised for their hydrating and replenishing properties.

After being applied, this scrub leaves a light veil of moisture. The skin is silky soft.

"La Vie en Rose" Christmas Pouch.