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The ultra-precise solution to imperfections!

This new roll-on is able to sanitise, purify, soothe and promote the healing of blemishes in a targeted way.
Result: disappearance of imperfections in

SOS Spot Roll On has a portable format which allows for application at the first signs of discomfort related to the appearance of a pimple and allows precise and regular applications throughout the day.
Minor blemishes disappear without a visible trace. 


Ultra powerful active ingredientd:: Ichtyol (rich in sulfur)

- purifying postbiotic (lactic acid) - 
95% Ingredients of natural origin
No alcohol, No preservatives
Natural formula
SOS SPOT ROLL-ON is a complete and balanced formula for a healthy skin, without imperfections.
Yon-Ka draws on the benefits of nature and the effectiveness of science for visible results in 24 hours1 !
This alcohol-free concentrate is suitable for everyone and all ages.

Formulated without preservatives, vegan, gluten-free and dermatologically tested, it is composed of 95% of natural ingredients.
Balanc of the skin’s eco-system

Lime & Quintessence Yon-Ka - purifying, cleansing
Calendula & Bisabolol - soothing