He-Shi - Prep, Set, Glow Gift Set

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Our limited-edition Prep, Set, Glow Gift Set contains everything you need for each stage of the tanning process from prep to finish so you can achieve a perfect tan and gorgeous glow.

Products Inside;

he-shi Express Liquid Tan 150ml
Our Original, award-winning tanning liquid. Formulated with moisture lock technology, this ultra-hydrating formula is lightweight and fast drying providing a medium shade finish that will last 7-10 days and will fade evenly.

he-shi Rapid 1 Hour Mousse 50ml
An essential for those who need a tan quickly, the Rapid 1 Hour Mousse allows you to control the shade of your tan thanks to our colour Depth technology. Leave it on for 2 hours for a medium to dark tan or up to 8 hours to achieve an ultra-dark tan.

he-shi HD Wonder Glow 100ml
A highlighting instant makeup for the face and body effortlessly evens skin stone and covers blemishes and veins to leave you with a luminous glow. It's splash proof formula will last up to 24 hours and can be applied alone or on top of tan

he-shi Walnut Buff Bar
Handmade in the UK using natural walnut shells, the limited-edition Walnut Buff Bar can be used in the bath or shower to exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling soft, smooth and ready for tan application. Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt An ultra-luxurious double-sided velvet tanning mitt with a water resistant barrier that effortlessly applies tan for an even applications with no streaks.