Bellamianta Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Powder

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The wait is over! Our highly anticipated BRAND NEW Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Power has dropped. Here’s everything you need to know to help you up your bronzing game this season.

The sun is out and spring is in the air which means it’s time to get your glow on! As you peel back winter’s layers you’re probably keen to get back on track with your tanning regime. And this season, thanks to the arrival of our brand new Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Powder, getting that bronzed goddess look you crave is an absolute breeze!

Just at the name suggests, this Bronzing Power works to perfect your skin while illuminating it for a glow that keeps on giving. The golden bronzing power cleverly reflects light, while offering subtle coverage, to give your skin a gorgeous, natural golden glow. Lightweight, ultra-fine pigments enhance the skin’s natural undertones for a truly unique skin perfecting finish. Plus, it’s suitable for use on both the face and body, making this one of the most versatile beauty products you could ever own!

To help you maximise its usage, here’s 6 ways to incorporate our blogger favourite Bronzing Powder into our beauty regime:


Get creative with contouring

Every beauty blogger’s favourite make-up trick is the art of contouring, which isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. If you long for chiseled cheekbones, our Bronzing Powder will do the trick. Simply ‘duck face’ it to pull in your cheeks and using an angled brush, sweep the powder in light, circular motions along the cheekbone.

Keep the glow alive

If you want to keep that ‘just tanned’ feeling alive, our Bronzing Powder will definitely come in handy here. Simply brush over the desired areas – whether that be face or body and gently illuminate your skin for the perfect finish.

Add definition to your eyes

There’s nothing that this Bronzing Powder can’t do! If you want to add definition to your eyes, from natural to smokey or even contoured, our Bronzing Powder will help you create a multitude of looks. Enhance a deep-set crease by blending back and forth into the crease. Complete the look by applying shadow to your lid for a lifted finish.

Illuminate your nose

Contour your nose with just a brush and our Bronzing Powder. Remember, don’t overdo it when adding definition to this area. Use a small blending brush and sweep two lines lightly down your nose for a slimming appearance.

Contour your cleavage

Another blogger secret revealed! This time, use our Bronzing Powder to highlight your cleavage. Whether you’re wearing a V-neck dress or something that falls off the shoulders, look for the curve of your breasts and contour here. While you’re here, don’t forget to add definition to your décolletage too for a fabulous finish. 


Create beautiful, big lips

We probably all long for fuller, luscious lips and thankfully our Bronzing Powder comes to the rescue here too. Simply use a shading brush and blend it beneath your bottom lip so that lips appear fuller, meaning there’s no need to go overboard with liner.

Have your tried our NEW Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Powder? What’s your favourite way to use it? Tell us in the comments below.