Cleanse Off Mitt BLUE OR PINK

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The Cleanse Off Mitt is a microfibre mitt which magically removes your makeup with just warm water, and we recommend a small amount of cleanser to treat your skins needs.

Why you need it:
Ditch those makeup wipes and get your hands on the innovative Cleanse Off Mitt by the Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock. This cleansing mitt was designed with tiny microfibres which work with even the most stubborn makeup including mascara without irritating the skin.

When used without cleanser it will remove all traces off makeup, however when used with cleanser it provides the ultimate quick cleansing solution that your skin will love. With the Cleanse Off Mitt you no longer need harsh makeup remover cleansing solutions. The reusable Cleanse Off Mitt is perfect for people on the go as a chemical free alternative to makeup wipes.

The Cleanse Off Mitt lasts 6 months on average.